The missing link between speech therapists and clients

Speech therapists use Telea to:

Improve client adherence & carryover

Clients report they are more motivated to practice their speech therapy and are have an increased awareness of their communication, enabling them to implement their strategies.

Manage large caseloads

Research has shown that therapists can have up to four times as many clients receiving intervention on their caseloads.

Improve quality of home practice

Clients receive immediate feedback on their speech therapy practice, improving the quality of their practice.

Reduce waitlists

By reducing home visits by up to 60% and review appointments, therapists can see more clients.

Enhance client ↔ SLT communication

Therapists can communicate to clients and change their programs between sessions, improving communication.

Made by therapists, for therapists.

We understand the clinical challenges involved in delivering speech & language therapy intervention and have built a solution that works. We put the therapist and client at the center of what we do.

We have designed Telea for you.

Clare Meskill
Telea CEO & CORU Registered Speech & Language Therapist

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